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Creating a Chapter



Over the last year, the IAF has developed a simple framework to encourage local and national groupings of facilitators to form around the world.
The approach is very simple. A chapter is a group of IAF members who choose to get together to pursue the goals of the IAF at local level. These goals are 
  • Giving credibility to and furthering the work of the field of professional group facilitation.
  • Providing a network to foster interchange between professional practitioners in the field.
  • Developing appropriate opportunities, methodologies, models, tools and modes that support the practice of exemplary participatory facilitation.

Chapters can be constituted either informally or formally to meet these goals. A set of model bylaws is available if needed.

Benefits of creating a chapter

For IAF members this means an opportunity to get together with fellow facilitators to support the IAF goals and meet their needs in a local context. They may want to set up programmes for their members, by meeting in person or virtually, to exchange experiences and support each other’s learning and development.

For non IAF members we expect chapters to add a local dimension to the existing membership offer which also includes the opportunity to attend conferences around the world, newsletters and techniques library, access to certification of professional competence, and being part of a global network of professional facilitators online and through professional exchange.

IAF membership is currently $195 per year (special rates apply in developing countries). Group discounts of up to $50 per person are available and can be activated by being part of a chapter. Chapters may want to charge members for local programming, which may also be available to non IAF members at a higher cost.

The IAF is responsible for promoting facilitation globally, and will encourage local facilitators to join a chapter – providing them with chapter contacts and providing chapters with members in their areas.

How to create a chapter

To create a chapter a group of IAF members need to get together and approach their IAF regional representative in the first instance. They should explain 

  • The geographical or other coverage for the chapter
  • Whether they plan to be formally constituted or to operate informally
  • How they plan to work.

The IAF regional representative will decide whether to take the chapter proposal for agreement by the IAF Board. All IAF chapters must be agreed by the Board. In making a recommendation to the IAF Board, the regional representative will take account of whether there is another IAF chapter or group in the area concerned.

A decision on a proposal to agree a chapter will normally be made within three months of informing the regional representative.
Limited funding is available to support the setting up of chapters around the world. This should be discussed with the regional representative.


The IAF sees chapters as the main way for local or regional organisations of facilitators to be created. It is not planning to create more affiliates except in the case of organisations, typically international or large national groups, with some interests in common with the IAF, and with some overlap of membership.