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The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) welcomes everyone with an interest in facilitation and its widespread use in helping people work together effectively.

IAF members vary in their facilitation practice. Some are new to the field, while others have years of experience. Our members work in government, corporate, non-profit, education, community, and international development sectors, to name but a few. Some work in-house, others operate as external consultants.

Some IAF members use facilitation as part of their broader work as coaches, project managers, trainers or mediators. Others work exclusively as facilitators, focusing solely on designing and delivering effective group processes, independent of content. Yet all IAF members affirm the IAF Statement of Values and Code of Ethics and promote the inherent value of an individual and the collective wisdom of a group. 

Here are three good reasons to join the IAF:

1) You need us. Like you, IAF members work with groups, helping them to fulfil their potential to bring about positive change in the world. We understand the challenges you face as you introduce participatory processes designed to make groups more inclusive, collaborative and effective. Peer support, on-going learning and professional development are key to surviving and thriving as a facilitator and to advancing the profession.

2) We need you. As a membership association, we want to include as many voices as possible in the global conversation about the importance of facilitation to groups and organisations everywhere. The IAF celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014 and is moving into a new phase of growth. Your membership helps us extend our reach and build a strong, international network.

3) The world needs great facilitators.  Look around. At every level of society, in every country and region, groups are seeking ways to address complex issues, resolve internal conflicts and make good decisions together. Leaders increasingly recognize the importance of fostering interdependence and shared responsibility. Skilled facilitators fill an essential role in enabling positive changes.

"When you become a member of the International Association of Facilitators, you are not buying a service, but rather joining a global community."

Martin G., IAF member, Manchester, UK.

Membership Options

IAF membership is open to all facilitators, anywhere in the world, who support the Association's statement of ethics and values.

Our membership fees are designed to take into consideration both the varied economic contexts in which facilitators function and the financial resources required to operate a global organization.
Members can choose between two fee options. All levels include full membership benefits.

  • Standard global rate of $200 usd per year
  • Rate based on the economy of the member´s country of residence

In addition, those facing personal financial difficulties can apply for a “special circumstances” rate. See details.

Some of the benefits of your IAF membership include:



IAF membership conveys that you affirm and apply the IAF’s Statement of Values and Code of Ethics, the only global professional standard for facilitation practice. 

Permission to use the IAF member’s logo on your website, business cards, email, blog and other promotional materials;

An opportunity to nominate your clients for the IAF Facilitation Impact Awards, which honours excellence in facilitation and its positive, measurable impact on organisations.



All members may add their facilitation-related resources to the IAF online Knowledge Centre.

IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitators are listed in a searchable online directory for clients.

IAF members can apply to have trainings assessed and publicly listed as an IAF Endorsed™ Training Program.


Professional Development

Activities that advance your facilitation using the IAF Core Competencies, a basic set of skills, knowledge and behaviours that lead to effective facilitation.

Ability to apply and undergo assessment for the IAF Endorsed™ Facilitator,  Certified™ Professional Facilitator (CPF), Certified™ Professional Facilitator | Master (CPF | M) and Certified™ Professional Facilitator | Emeritus (CPF | E). 


Access to the IAF Members Directory, a worldwide network of facilitators, who work in many different cultures and countries and who can provide advice, contacts and support.

Participation in your region’s leadership team, news and events.

Ability to join a local IAF chapter or branch, and if none yet exists, support to create one.


Stay Current

Access to IAF's Methods Library, with almost 600 methods for you to discover in a user-friendly platform, finding methods for workshop design, facilitation and group processes has never been easier.

Subscription to the IAF's Global Flipchart, a quarterly newsletter for members about the latest trends, activities and developments in the field.

Access to “Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal, a semi-annual publication of peer-reviewed articles on the art and science of group facilitation.



As a volunteer-led association, members participate in shaping the organisation and the discussion about the development of facilitation worldwide.

Participate in member-driven initiatives that work to promote the power of facilitation worldwide, join the virtual Annual General Meeting, and the nominate and elect your Board of Directors.

Of my three most recent contracts, one came as a direct result from a contact made through my IAF membership; another was a result of being an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator. I would estimate the amount I have spent on membership, certification, and recertification has been earned back 35 to 40 times over, in the last decade”.

Cameron F., IAF member, Ottawa, Canada.

IAF Core Competencies

There are six competencies that form the basic set of skills, knowledge, and behaviours of effective facilitation.

A Facilitator's Code of Ethics

Members of the International Association of Facilitators are committed to using Statement of Values and Code of Ethics to guide their professional practice.

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IAF Core Competencies
A Facilitator's Code of Ethics
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