Australia Chapter

About the Chapter


The Australia Chapter includes all members in the Oceania region as members. The purpose of the Chapter is to pursue the goals of the IAF at a regional level by:

  • giving credibility to and furthering the work of the field of professional group facilitation
  • providing a network to foster interchange between professional practitioners in the field
  • developing appropriate opportunities, methodologies, models, tools and modes that support the practice of exemplary participatory facilitation.

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 IAF Oceania Conference 2023   | Canberra Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th May 2023 

We're looking forward to seeing you at 'Facilitation in Action', which will be your opportunity to:

  • Consider your current and future approaches to the use of facilitation and how you think about, use and practice facilitation
  • Obtain insights and strategies from others who are using facilitation as a catalyst to support change in their workplace

COVID-19 saw innovation galore in facilitation through a strong swing to online work, connection and decision-making. The conference provides an opportunity to join with facilitation professionals to consider how you can build on what’s worked well from this, what’s been learnt and what to do next.

No doubt you’ve been involved in numerous online events over the last few years. We’re now seeing an eager appetite to link, connect and learn back in the in-person space.

With this in mind, the conference team is developing:

  • An inclusive program that caters for diversity—some delegates will be new to facilitation, others will be experienced, some will come from Oceania, others will come from around the world
  • A ‘mutual learning’ space where you’ll love being together with others who ‘get what you do’; who can help you to better understand the world of facilitation and take your knowledge and skills to new levels

Early-bird registration is open until Friday 31st March with generous discounts for IAF members and early action-takers! Above all, do everything you can to be there in May.

See for more information re registration or running a session at the conference.


Knowledge & know-how


Check out our 2021 interview series, where we chat with colleagues about the diverse range of perspectives and practices involved in facilitation.

Session recordings


Throughout 2022, we have held a series of themed sessions exploring different dimensions of facilitation in practice. You can watch recordings of these sessions on our YouTube channel or via the embedded playlist below.

Featured recording: Facilitation and ethical AI


2022 Sessions playlist

And also please enjoy this visualisation from Ben Crothers of the discussion from the Making Waves session.

Faciliation trends sketch by Ben Crothers


Meet your 2022 Committee


Brad Rilatt (Chair)  |  NSW
Founder & Managing Director, Leadership Gold
M +61 418 433 703

Steven McInnes (Vice-Chair)  |  VIC
Director, Pique Global Pty Ltd
+61 411 704 328

Graham Miller (Secretary)  |  QLD
Graham Miller
Principal, Slingshot Consulting
M  +61 403 337 894

Allison Hornery (Treasurer)  |  ACT
Director, Cofluence
M   +61 409 363 136

Stephen Berkeley |  QLD
Director Global Business, Flyntrok Consulting
M +61 481 999 559 

Megan Ross (IAF Global Oceania Representative)  |  ACT
M +(61) 414 466 066

Andrew Huffer  |  WA
Director, Andrew Huffer and Associates
M +61 429 470 285

Anton Pemmer  |  ACT
Director, INOV8YOU
M +61 417 236 409

IAF Online Workshops - Call for Facilitators

Call for IAF Oceania Online Workshop Proposals

We are excited to showcase the expertise of our members and guests and to offer opportunities to develop skills and competencies as a facilitator community.

Online Workshop Series

IAF Oceania online workshops regularly attract between 40 and 90 participants and are aimed at facilitators and those working in related fields such as training, organizational development and consulting. Workshops should model positive facilitation behaviors and use experiential and interactive strategies to keep participants engaged. These workshops are not a speech or presentation; we are looking for highly engaging, interactive sessions – the kind that motivates participants to pay close attention and stay engaged.

Participants expect the content of sessions to be relevant to their work as facilitators. Many seek a key take-away that they can use immediately, while others may carefully consider what you’ve presented and adapt it to their particular situation.

Content Focus for 2021-2022 Series

Content for IAF Oceania workshops may cover a wide range of skills, techniques, and processes related to facilitation. In response to member interest and as facilitators committed to helping groups reflect, converge, and act, we encourage sessions that focus on:

  • How to do things virtually: We are interested in both overview workshops on using techniques to design, develop, and deliver interactive online sessions, such as virtual graphic recording, and deep dives into specific tools to facilitate topical workshops, such as strategic planning.
  • Methodologies and techniques related to: facilitation skills, conflict management, decision-making, design thinking, organizational assessments, process improvement, problem-solving, strategic planning, storytelling, and team building.
  • Rethinking our roles and behaviors in furthering racial, social and environmental justice: We welcome our membership’s inspiration and recommendations on achieving this objective and developing our skills as facilitators to create change.
  • Managing your facilitation business: About half of our members are external facilitators running their own facilitation practices. We are open to workshops to help these facilitators focus on important aspects of the business of facilitation, such as getting more facilitation clients, marketing their skills and services, and helping their facilitation business grow. Topics that can be applied to both internal and external facilitators would be highly desirable.
Session Format

Sessions will be 90 minute in duration and generally are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month starting at 6pm AEST. The first ten minutes will include Introductions and welcome to country and 5 minutes of closing at the end by the moderator. Facilitators will have 75 minutes for facilitating their session. All workshops will be held via Zoom Meetings.


We will provide a tech host and moderator. The facilitator should expect to meet with the IAF Oceania team at least once in the month before the workshop to walk through process and finalise tech requirements.

Submission process

Proposals are to be submitted on the IAF Oceania Online Workshop Proposal Form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at