Welcome to IAF England & Wales. We are over 120 IAF members including currently 18 Certified Professional Facilitators (CPFs), spread throughout England & Wales and beyond. 

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IAF England & Wales hosts regular Meetups for anyone interested in facilitation, hosting meetings, or running workshops. These sessions are designed to help people build their network of fellow facilitators, support each other in our work challenges, and learn from each other. They are free to attend, you do not have to be a member of the IAF to participate in them, and are led by volunteers from within our community.

There are two key types of Meetups that we offer: 

1) Monthly on-line meetups, structured to allow people to 'drop in' to different parts of them (each 30 minutes long) as may be of interest:

  • opportunity to gain insight and experience from other facilitators as to any current issues you may be working on 
  • exploring a topic of interest (detailed on each Meetup booking page) 
  • networking and community discussion
2) Face to face in-person meetups, open to being held by anyone in the facilitation community in local cafes and venues for facilitators in different geographic areas to physically meet up together - anyone can 'put up their hand' to offer to act as the host for one of these in-person socials - simply get in touch with the host as listed on the event page.

Further information is available on our Eventbrite page, where you can also subscribe to hear as soon as we announce events.


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      Contact one of our elected Board members around the country:

      Join us! We are particularly keen to welcome new members to our volunteer Leadership Team.

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      Buddying Guardrails 

      Our Guardrails for Buddying guidance has been developed by a small group of facilitators in IAF England and Wales, to help facilitators who would like to set up a 'buddying' relationship with each other. IAF England & Wales is not organising buddying, but if you choose to set up some buddying with another Facilitator, we hope this guidance will help you make the most of it and avoid some pitfalls.