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Welcome to our community of professionals who are keen on ‘making a difference’ both in their own lives and the community around us.

Powerful, effective facilitation changes the way people think and act, which in turn enables them to make significant changes in the world around them. As members of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), we are primarily focused on promoting the spirit of facilitation across all walks of life.

The IAF India chapter is aligned to the IAF Global vision of using professional facilitation to address challenges faced by people in their groups, organisations and communities. 

Our members, spread across Six Hubs in the country, work closely with Corporate houses, NGOs, with Educational bodies, in Healthcare and other verticals to build awareness around the 'power of facilitation’. Our members – individuals as well as organisations - have also received global accolades (Facilitation Impact Awards, FIA) for using process facilitation and bringing significant impact in their areas of engagement. 

Given the impact facilitation has, we are inviting more people to join hands with us and start spreading the power of facilitation.

Come, join us if you are keen to make a difference too!

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We are happy to assist you and answer your queries. To know more about our local initiatives and to become an IAF Member, write to me at: