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Birmingham, United Kingdom
ዓርብ, 21 April 2023 - 8:00am to Saturday, 22 April 2023 - 6:00pm (Europe/London)

Facilitate 2023: Celebrating and Sharing the Diversity of Facilitation

21 - 22 April 2023 | The Priory Rooms - Birmingham


Two days bringing together people who facilitate groups, teams, meetings and everything in between.

Exploring practical skills, peer learning, personal growth, business development, networking, facilitation as well as fun.

Canberra, Australia
Monday, 15 May 2023 - 8:00am to እሮብ, 17 May 2023 - 5:30pm (Australia/Sydney)


Join the Australia Chapter for a face-to-face conference at the Pavillion Hotel, Canberra, Australia. 

it will be a ‘mutual learning’ space where you’ll love being together with others who ‘get what you do’; who can help you to better understand the world of facilitation and take your knowledge and skills to new levels.

Pre and post conference workshops will be conducted on Monday morning (15th) and Wednesday afternoon (17th).