Tell your friends: Special gift for new and renewing IAF members!

01 November 2016

The IAF membership has reached a record high of over 1,680 members in 45 countries. To celebrate these achievements and to encourage others to join our dynamic, global community of practice, we are launching a month-long membership campaign. 

The current growth of the IAF did not happen by accident. Two years ago, the board made a bold decision update the association´s brand, internal “back office” processes and outward-facing communication tools, including the website.

These changes took time, money and dedication to put in place. The technical and human challenges were many. But now, as we enter our 23rd year, the IAF is better positioned than ever to fulfil its mission to promote the power of facilitation worldwide.

Join or renew before November 30, 2016 and receive a complimentary, facilitation-focused E-book.

Those who take advantage of this opportunity can choose from 18 titles, all written by IAF members who are thought leaders in our field. These books cover a wide range of facilitation topics. Most are in English, but there are also E-books in German, Spanish and Chinese. See the complete list here.

Action steps

Please forward this message to friends and colleagues and encourage them to join the Association before November 30. Remind them of the benefits of membership. If they are already convinced, direct them ­here to start the enrollment process.

Want your own e-book?

Renew your existing membership! Just log into to your member profile and extend your membership for another year.

Many thanks for all the good work you are doing,


Beatrice Briggs
IAF Director, Memberships and Chapters

P.S Please spread the word about this special offer.