IAF Update February 2017: Calendar + Links, Method of the Month + Facilitation Impact

01 February 2017

IAF Calendar for 2017


Method of the Month: Interview Matrix

The Interview Matrix is a method especially useful for large groups who have to reflect on a complex problem in a short amount of time. The group is divided into groups of four and each participant numbered one to four. They take turns to interview each other, one-to-one, swapping partners until all four have answered questions and recorded answers of others. Finally, all 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s convene to present their findings and summarise key points.

Read full instructions on how to use the Interview Matrix

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Facilitation Impact Worldwide

The Facilitation Impact Awards 2016 are still making waves… here are some pictures from two events last week:

Togo on Saturday: Kofi Kumodzi in the presence of the Octave Nicoué Broohm, Minister of Higher Education and Research

Toronto last Wednesday: All Canadian prize winners together with the entire IAF Board

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