IAF Endorsed™ Training Programmes

NOTE: Please be advised that the programme is currently under review. Please contact the certification office before applying.



In 2014, the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) launched a process to endorse facilitation trainings that support the development of knowledge and skills consistent with the IAF’s Core Competencies. The endorsement can be either  ‘comprehensive’ or ‘focused’.

Since competence is a combination of both knowledge and skill, all endorsed programs must provide both the required theory and adequate practice to develop competency.

It is the Association’s aim that the IAF Endorsed™ Training Programme promotes the professionalism of process facilitation internationally. 

Specially, the IAF Endorsed™ Training Programme provides:

  • A single source of information for endorsed process facilitation training;
  • Confidence in which facilitation training programs are aligned with the IAF Core Competencies;
  • Recognized pathways for facilitators to learn both the knowledge and skills they need to demonstrate for the IAF CertifiedTM Professional Facilitator assessment process;
  • An improved ability to make informed choices about facilitation training programs that meet an individual’s needs.

IAF Endorsed™ Comprehensive Programmes

A ‘comprehensive’ program covers all six IAF Core Competencies, and is intended for new facilitators, people who want to strengthen their facilitation knowledge and skills, as well as people who would like to become an IAF CertifiedTM Professional Facilitator.

IAF Endorsed™ Focused Programmes

A ‘focused’ program covers one (or more) of the IAF Core Competencies in depth, and is focused on the sub-competencies within that competency.

Focused Endorsement:  C: Create and Sustain a Participatory Environment and D: Guide Group to Appropriate and Useful Outcomes.

Focused Endorsement: A: Create Collaborative Client Relationships, E: Build and Maintain Professional Knowledge and F: Model Positive Professional Attitude.

How can my facilitation training be IAF EndorsedTM?

For facilitation training providers, IAF endorsement offers:

  • A demonstrated alignment between training programs and the IAF within the market
  • Evidence that the facilitation training addresses the IAF defined competencies using trainers that are familiar with, and experienced in, these competencies.
  • Worldwide exposure to prospective customers looking for training in process facilitation.

The process to submit a training program for IAF endorsement is as follows:

  1. The training program provider:
  • Submits an application form
  • Maps the training program to the IAF criteria for endorsement
  • Provides supporting evidence
  • Obtains consent from five (5) past participants to serve as references
  • Pays the required assessment fee
  1. The IAF Administration review the application for:
  • Completeness of the required evidence, requesting further information if gaps are identified
  • Sends questions to the participant references (online where possible)
  • Assigns two Assessors


  1. Each assigned Assessors:
  • Confirms there is no conflict of interest
  • Signs a confidentiality agreement
  • Reviews the application documentation and feedback from participant references
  • Checks off evidence against criteria checklist
  • Notes where evidence is seen and identifies any gaps
  • Returns the checklist to the IAF and provides recommendation
  1. The IAF decides if further information or review if required:
  • A request for more evidence may be made at this stage
  • If the two Assessors are not in agreement, the IAF administrators assigns a third Assessor
  • The third Assessor independently reviews the application and submits their results to the IAF Administrator
  • The third Assessor adjudicates, in collaboration with the initial two Assessors
  1. The IAF notifies the applicant of the outcome:
  • The IAF Chair issues a Comprehensive or Focused Endorsement letter for the training program if criteria have been met
  • Assessors provide feedback on gaps if the criteria have not been met
  • Applicants may resubmit the training program within six months for reassessment at a reduced fee.

If you are a training provider and would like to begin the process of having your training program endorsed, please contact the IAF Administration at certify@iaf-world.org