Rebecca Sutherns, PhD CPF
Regional Director for Canada

Thanks for your interest in what’s happening in Canada with the IAF!

With most of us switching our facilitation practices heavily toward online meetings, IAF Canada has not only done the same, but is focusing our efforts on supporting our members to upskill in digital facilitation while helping them stay connected. While local chapter work is mostly on hold, national and international connections through the IAF have been booming! We love to learn together.

Look here for a running list of digital events. One advantage of switching to virtual is that we truly can access world class talent and attend international events at the click of a button.

Upcoming IAF Events
In our conversation about value for membership, I heard that members appreciate connecting more frequently, so I am suggesting the following events:

Thursday, 15 July 2021 - 12:00 pm (America/New York) A demonstration of a virtual facilitation system called Butter

Chris Carter, a member of IAF in Canada, is inviting you to a demonstration of a virtual facilitation system called Butter (, which originates from Denmark. Chris learned about Butter from another IAF member during a recent IAF event.

Butter is an intriguing all-in-one facilitation tool. It has audio and video conferencing built-in (so it’s like Zoom or Teams) and facilitation tools like whiteboard, polling and idea listing, as well as integration with Miro, Google apps, and YouTube. The main point is that the facilitator and the participants never have to leave Butter to conduct exercises.

Remarkably, Butter is completely free to download and use (eventually it won’t be). To receive an invitation to the event, please contact Chris Carter at or text/call at 416-827-4727. If you are interested to see a teaser of Butter’s features, give this video a look, or experience it yourself at

Tuesday, 28 September 2021 - 12:00 pm (America/New York) Zoom Tips for Facilitators post Zoomtopia

Joint session with Rita Gupta, CPF®, Marie Dubost and Rene Bilgin on some helpful Zoom features for facilitators post the Zoomtopia conference. Topics/features to be showcased are TBD as the conference is Sept 13 – 14, 2021.


Watch our Twitter feed and the IAF Canada groups on Facebook and LinkedIn for the most up-to-date information on upcoming events and opportunities. If you’re a member, watch your inbox too.

You don’t have to wait for an upcoming event to get connected! Suggest a meetup, volunteer your time to make our association even stronger, post a question online or contact me directly. The value of your association with the IAF increases the more you put into it.

And don’t forget to access all of the great opportunities and resources available through the IAF, such as Certification, the Facilitation Impact Awards, the mentorship program, opportunities to advertise and find facilitation work, and so much more.

I’ll look forward to connecting with you directly. In the meantime, I hope you can use and share these fabulous new Facilitation has Impact videos to promote the power of facilitation worldwide.


    For more information

    You can find out more about the IAF’s activities in Canada by contacting:

    • Rebecca Sutherns, Regional Director for Canada, for establishing a new Chapter or for anything related to IAF.

    The Canada region also shares information via Facebook Group (IAF Canada), Twitter (@IAFCanada) and LinkedIn (IAF Canada). 

    IAF Chapter(s) in Canada

    In order to establish and maintain a chapter, we need:

    • Local IAF facilitators ready to commit time to take on the Chapter Lead's role. You don't have to do this alone, this role can be shared.
    • A minimum of 5 IAF members in good standing willing to put their names forward to make and maintain a local Chapter status.
    • Local IAF members and non-members to join the Chapter, to champion, promote, coordinate and participate in local Chapter activities in order to sustain as a Chapter. Local activities are meant to provide you with networking opportunities, shared learning and personal / professional development.
    • Approval from the IAF Board to establish a new Chapter.