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Business of Facilitation

A comprehensive IAF members-only programme to help you develop the business side of your practice. Find out more about the Business of Facilitation series.

Business Basics Workshops

These are all bite-sized learning experiences -workshops that consist of 9 main topics that are very important for the Business of Facilitation. 

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The Skills Exchange

Join us for a series of open forums and partner up with another facilitator to prpvide feedback and an additional perspective.

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Book Club

Join our Book Club with David Bishop that focuses specifically on book related to facilitation. Find out more about our upcoming sessions and register.

Business of Facilitation
Business Basics Workshops
The Skills Exchange
Book Club

About Your Region and Your Team


The region of Europe and Middle East (EME) is home to over 600 IAF members, many of who connect locally to plan and participate in the activities of their 25 local chapters and 43 countries. 
The EME region organises and promotes a number of activities, events and conferences throughout the year.
Your Europe & Middle East Team

A group of passionate volunteers with unique and diverse talents, goes beyond boundaries to foster connections, collaboration and innovation so that our rich and diverse set of Europe & Middle East countries is inspired and supported to nurture a culture of facilitation in their communities.

IAF EME Regional Team

A team works to coordinate activities in the EME region. Those who are chairing IAF’s facilitator communities (chapters), or someone they designate, are a full part of the regional team as they promote facilitation within their own city or country. 

Within the EME regional team, the following members have made the additional commitment to take on a particular region wide responsibility.

  • Celeste Brito: IAF EME Regional Director
  • Rena Bilgin Koç: Social Media Manager
  • David Bishop: Communications
  • Hiltrud Kinnunen: Treasurer
  • Paolo Martinez, Tanya Van Rompuy and Görkem Güreşin: Coordination
  • Goli Ahmadifard: ME Liaison
  • Martin Farrell and Emre Keskin: New Members and Buddying

If you want to join the regional team and offer your contribution to promote the power of facilitation in the region and beyond, please contact anyone who has taken on a region wide responsibility or Celeste Brito, Regional Director for EME. 

EME Upcoming Events

Registration links for the events can be found under the details of each sprecific event.


EME - Methods Library|Members-only

Join us to learn more about the IAF Methods Library.

Our Regional Director Celeste Brito will host the May workshop where we will discover how to make better use of this fantastic resource. Register here.

EME - Welcoming Call|New Members

IAF Europe and Middle East (EME) welcomes its new and existing members. Come and join us in our next "Welcoming Call" on the 18th of June at 16:30 CET! 
This is a call for all members who would like to connect and learn more about IAF - if you are one, come and join us! The calls will be held every 2 months on the 3rd Friday of that month.  
Zoom Link & Registration: Click here!
Let's hear from Jessica Breitenfeld what it is like to have a member buddy to show you around: 
IAF EME | FacWeek 2020

It was a great FacWeek with all of you! We'll be around the whole year until we see you again in next year's Facilitation Week. Follow us on social media to keep updated about the IAF EME events!


Balkan Facilitation Festival

The first Balkan Facilitation Festival is a joint effort of IAF CEE Chapter, IAF Europe and Middle East and Serbian Association of Facilitators. The theme of the festival is "Facilitation for Social Change" in order to promote the power of facilitation in the CEE region, the Balkans and worldwide!

The programme includes sessions directed to the general public, students, businesses, teachers, trainers and civil society organizations! For further details and the full programme, please visit:


IAF EME Facilitation Talks

The 8 online episodes of the IAF Europe & Middle East Facilitation Talks have been realized during May and June, 2020. Many stories, approaches and methodologies have been shared while experimenting the virtual context and learning from the experience. Nurturing the facilitation community was our driver to promoting the power of facilitation worldwide.

The Facilitation Talks presenters and the topics were:

Bogdan Grigore: MORE FUN Online - Activities to Engage Participants!

- John Green: Planning the Unplannable

- Farah Ismail: Design Facilitation to Elements 5Key

- Rengin Akkemik: Agile Online Facilitator

- Kala Diwanji & Shyam Iyer: “Riding on the Helicopter” – Diagnostic Tool for Client Engagement

- Jessica Breitenfeld: Facilitation Summer Festival: Adaptability IQ: Get Buy-in in 3 Steps

- Martin Farrell: Theory U Has Got Legs!

- Pamela Lupton-Bowers: Responding to Clients' Changing Context and Needs

We thank all our presenters and participants for sharing this great experience with us!

IAF EME Facilitation Insights


On the first Thursday of each month, we'll be there with a new presenter/s for an inspiring talk on facilitation!
Join us for this "Facilitated Writing" session with Richard Dyter, where we'll discover ways that make it easier for people to get things written – including pre-work for meetings! Our session will be held on the 3rd of June, at 6 pm CET! Register here!

Thank you Barbara Pedersen (CPF) for this special edition of the Facilitation Insights series, in which we focused on the "World Café" method and explored it further together. 

Thank you Sam Bradd for this session, in which we explored further - how to successfully market our facilitation services. During the session, we discussed how marketing can be a way to share our facilitation perspective and true voice!

In our April Facilitation Insights session we explored further the topic of "Helping Scientists Begin Participatory Group Process" together with Alicia Lanier! 


This hands-on conversation from skill to application with Miriam O Donoghue and Megan Evans took place in March! We explored together the steps involved in creating a Mind Map based on the approach developed by the late Tony Buzan. 

Our February session was about the "Indabas", a traditional meeting process, that have been powering UN climate negotiations since 2011. Salwa Dallalah, who led the UN Climate Secretariat's organising team for the Paris and many global climate conferences, spoke with Martin Farrell. 

Our first guests of the IAF EME Facilitation Insights session were Mika Aaltonen and Paolo Martinez. Together with them we have discussed and explored their study on "The Future of Facilitation". The session took place on the 7th of January at 18:00 CET. The recorded video can be viewed here.


IAF EME Facilitation Lounge


The IAF EME Facilitation Lounge is inviting members to share stories, approaches and/or methodologies while experimenting the virtual context and learning from the experience. Nurturing the facilitation community is our driver to promoting the power of facilitation worldwide.

The Facilitation Lounge starts August 6, 2020 and participants can be members or non-members.

Come and join us every first Thursday of the month for a new conversation!

You can simply register by clicking here!

All IAF members can access the previous sessions' recordings here!


The ‘elevator pitch’ is the concept of being able to state your entire message in the time it takes to go up a few floors in an elevator. Come and join us to explore together the "Elevator pitch" together with Jeffer London! 

Facilitation Lounge is every 1st Thursday of each month, at 6 pm CET! Come and join us on December 3rd, at 6 pm CET!






In this creative and interactive workshop presented by Tamara Eberle, Shawna Eberle and Ingrid Liil we created our own brand stories and figured out how to better communicate our values. This was an opportunity to pause and consider: How can I offer real value right
now? How can I talk about what I do and how I do it in a way that will resonate for my clients? What is the story I need to tell that will help my potential customers understand how I can help?






No previous drawing skills required. You get to learn, play and experiment in this session. Draw together with Rosanna, you will learn the basics to get you started to include drawings for your meeings, trainings and/or workshops. If you can draw lines and basic shapes, you can draw!





The aim of our second episode of the Facilitation Lounge was to enable participants to internalise the IAF Core Competences to Honour and Recognise diversity, ensuring inclusivity. It was a participatory and engaging session, drawing heavily on personal experience-sharing.







Facilitation Lounge has opened its "virtual" doors on the 6th of August. 
"A Conversation about Creating Spaces that are Psychologically Safe" by Rebecca Sutherns (IAF Canada RD)
A candid discussion about how digital delivery can both guard and threaten the psychological safety of participants, and what facilitators can and can't do about it.


Online Summer Facilitation Festival

Are you ready for the biggest Facilitation Festival of this summer. Save your seats and don’t miss these 3 days full of facilitation!

The Online Summer Facilitation Festival is a joint effort of IAF Turkey, IAF Middle East and IAF Central & Eastern European Countries. The coordination team is inviting IAF members and non-members to a wide range of virtual sessions regarding facilitation. The sessions will focus on various aspects of facilitation, and some especially on the effects of Covid-19.




For more information

You can find out more about the EME region and stay informed of our activities on Twitter and Instagram.