Welcome to the IAF US Region's webpages.  In these pages you find an overview of the US Region's history, a description of the upcoming activities occurring in the US Region, and a run down about the US Region's chapters and events.


The United States has a special place in the history of the Association, as the IAF was officially founded in January 1994 at a meeting in Alexandria, Virginia with 73 charter members.

The organisation beginnings can be traced to gatherings of facilitators of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) who met to advance innovative methods for working with groups. Gatherings took place in Dallas, Pittsburg, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Chicago, and finally in Alexandria, Virginia,  where an "Association Coordinating Team" was struck and a celebration was held to herald the beginnings of the IAF. Within the year, bylaws were drafted, the Association was incorporated in Minnesota, and dues were collected. The first IAF annual conference was held in January 1995 in Denver, Colorado, under the theme of The Art and Mastery of Facilitation.

Today there are over 350 IAF members in the United States, two IAF sponsored chapters in Chicago and New York City, and a number of non IAF sponsored facilitation associations made up in part of IAF members that include the Boise Facilitator Roundtable, the Boston Facilitators Roundtable, the Mid Atlantic Facilitation Association, and the Southeast Association of Facilitation.

For more information about the IAF in the United States, please contact Jonathan M. Bell, Regional Director, USA.

2021 Conference of the Americas

The 2021 Conference of the Americas is coming to the United States!

Any team of IAF members who share the values and goals of our association, along with a commitment to arrange an important event to advance our profession, may apply to host our 2021 Conference of the Americas.

Please download the RFP, IAF Conference Handbook and current IAF Conference policies here.

  • RFP - PDF
  • IAF Conference Handbook - PDF
  • IAF Conference Policies - PDF

The deadline for submitting proposals is 11:59pm CDT Friday, April 3, 2020

Send all proposals to Kelly McLaughlin at with the subject “2021 Conference of the Americas Proposal”.

Send all questions to with the subject “2021 Conference of the Americas Questions”.

A Selection Committee will carefully review each proposal and communicate their decision to Candidate teams by Monday, May 4, 2020.