IAF Board Elections 2016

31 July 2016

It's election time for the IAF Board of Directors! The election will take place online from Oct 17-23, 2016 during International Facilitation Week. Nominations are now open for the following positions:

  • Treasurer;
  • Director of Memberships and Chapters;
  • Director of Professional Development;
  • Regional Director for Africa;
  • Regional Director for Europe, Middle East & North Africa; [*]
  • Regional Director for Oceania; and
  • Regional Director for United States of America.

Please consider standing for election yourself – or nominate someone you know. Nominations close on September 16.

You would make a great board member 

  • You have something to contribute to growing the profession of facilitation.
  • You would hear different perspectives about the development of the profession from people across the world.
  • You would make lasting friends and colleagues from all over the world.
  • You'd have a global reputation.
  • Your resume could benefit from a leadership role you’ve been elected to.
  • You could refer to it as a learning experience when you apply for your CPF or recertification.

You can nominate someone to the board 

  • They have something to contribute to growing our profession.
  • They have unused leadership potential that could be nurtured by a responsible role.
  • Their resume could benefit from a leadership role they’ve been elected to.
  • They would benefit from hearing global perspectives and adding their own.
  • You could vicariously learn from their experience.

"But it takes time". Yes, and you can inspire others to contribute – the more we encourage participation, the less each one has to do and the more we accomplish. Everyone will understand if you set your own boundaries and only commit to what you know you can do.

“But nobody knows me." Maybe... and your bio will introduce you, your skills and your passion to the IAF membership.


For more informations or questions regarding the 2016 board elections, please contact the IAF Nominating Committee at elections2016@iaf-world.org

Bill Staples, IAF Hall of Fame, Chair of the Committee
Ronit Andorn-Broza, Canada
Giuseppe Totino, EMENA
Kofi Kumodzi, Africa
Michelle Rush, Oceania
Jonathan Bell, United States 

[*] Trevor Durnford, current EMENA Regional Director, is stepping up to become IAF Vice Chair as of January 2017 – congratulations Trevor!