Online AGM 2016

04 October 2016

This year, the IAF’s annual online annual general assembly (AGM) will take place on Oct 24-27 2016. The interaction over the past two years’ editions have been stimulating and members who participated remarked that the calls were a good way for them:

  • to experience the ‘International’ aspect of membership; and

  • to participate in the future of the association with their input.

This year, the online AGM calls will comprise plenary and breakout discussions will be thematic around key focal ideas that have been driving much of the board’s work in 2016.

Themes include:

  • How can we grow the IAF’s ability to do more with less?

  • What might we do to strengthen and consolidate the IAF’s thought leadership in the field of facilitation?

  • How can the IAF help members by entering and creating impact in new markets and geographies?

  • Embarking on a lifelong developmental journey in professional facilitation - what do you need?

There will be a total of five 90-minute online calls, with each of these engaging members in plenary and breakout discussions within each call: 

Click on the links to register and see the correct time in your timezone. To join the meeting, click on this link: You may be prompted to install the Zoom app.

Pre-reading deck Download as pdf.

Noel E K Tan