Facilitation Awards Head to Eight Countries

29 August 2017

Organisations in Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, India, the Netherlands and the USA have been honoured with awards for effective use of professional facilitation in driving change.

The 2017 Facilitation Impact Awards were formally announced today by Mr Noel Tan, Board Chair of the International Association of Facilitators, the world’s premier association of professional facilitators with members in more than 65 countries.

A summary of awards and information about recipients is at https://www.iaf-world.org/site/fia/2017/ 

“As facilitators, we believe that complex challenges faced by groups, organisations, communities and indeed our world can be solved through the dialogue, trust and understanding created with good group process. The remarkably diverse range of projects receiving awards this year emphasis that belief”, Mr Tan said.

“These projects were successfully completed in three not-for-profit organisations, two government organisations, one small to medium enterprise and seven large businesses,” Mr Tan said.

“Organisations have exhibited commendable foresight in adopting facilitation as a professional practice which has the ability to achieve positive and measurable results.

“Despite the wide diversity of their activities ranging from education, health, banking, universities and government to retail development in evidence in the 2017 awards all have shown real benefit from the involvement of professional facilitation in achieving often quite complex aims.

“Some awards involved in-house facilitators and others external facilitators but the essential ingredient has been expert, effective facilitation

“The awards flow from a peer evaluation of submissions by Association volunteers who award points based on a set of criteria capable of being applied to any project.

“The results for successful nominees are then reflected in awards at the Platinum, Gold or Silver levels. The awards are extremely valuable in promoting organisations and facilitators and we encourage their proud display.”

Further information: Mr Mujtaba Mirza, International Association of Facilitators, Toronto, Canada e: office@iaf-world.com  t: +1 647.346.3336 extension 234