Elections 2017 - meet the candidates

02 October 2017

Nominations are in! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who put themselves forward to be on the next IAF Board of Directors.

When will the elections take place?

We'll email you on Friday 6 October with a link to an online survey where you can have your say in the elections. You'll have until Sunday 15 October to complete the survey and the results will be announced soon after.

Meet the candidates

We have a strong slate of candidates who no doubt will provide outstanding leadership for the IAF:

  • IAF Secretary: Keith Ryall, Australia
  • Director of Marketing and Partnerships: Election between Jeffer London, Belgium and Wayne Strong, Australia
  • Director of Conferences & Events: Héctor Alejandro Villarreal Lozoya, Mexico
  • Director of Communications: Mia Liljeberg, Sweden
  • Regional Director for Latin America & Caribbean: Gillian Chambers, Jamaica
  • Regional Director for Canada: Rosanna von Sacken, Canada - Video
  • Regional Director for Asia: Vinay Kumar, India
  • Regional Director for Europe & Middle East: Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte, Finland

Thanks to the Nominating Committee

Big thank you also goes to the IAF Nominating Committee who have worked so hard on this:

  • Bill Staples, Chair
  • Ronit Andorn-Broza
  • Jonathan M Bell
  • Michelle Rush
  • Giuseppe Totino

More about the IAF Board Elections 

If you have any questions about the election, please email elections2017@iaf-world.org.

IAF Editor