Experience at the IAF Board

08 August 2018

Serving at the IAF Board has been a place to learn, to grow and to give back to the community.

I joined IAF in 2008 when I got certified in Geneva.  In that certification event I found a community to which I wanted to belong and, meeting candidates and assessors from different countries I realised that growing, as a facilitator, is a life-long journey full of interesting opportunities. After having participated in some IAF Conferences and events, I joined the regional EME leadership team five years ago, led with great enthusiasm by Martin Farrell. My role was to take care of the increasing number of chapters in the EME region. When I started in that role we had 9 chapters and there are now 21 chapters in Europe & Middle East. I learned to know lots of lovely people from different parts of the region and saw both the opportunities and the challenges of promoting facilitation in different countries. I continue being surprised by the energy and devotion with which our members continue spreading the word about facilitation, even though they sometimes struggle finding enough likeminded people in their own area. Therefore I see the role of our global community of likeminded people very important and encouraging; knowing that there are people around the world who firmly believe that there’s no other way moving forward than by expanding the facilitative approach in different areas of our society.

Two years ago the position of the Regional Director for Europe & Middle East was opened for elections. After having received lots of encouragement to apply from our regional team members, I needed to think about it carefully: was I ready to take the responsibility? Did I have time to carry it forward? At the end, it really felt natural as a continuum to apply for the Regional Director position.

The position at the global board has opened my horizon to what is happening in facilitation in the whole world. I believe that it is really a unique place to be continuously updated about different initiatives from all the continents. The Regional Director role is two-folded, with one eye to the region and another towards the global board & community. Europe & Middle East region is very wide and collaboration with the regional leadership team and with our chapter leads is at the centre of my role. Nothing would happen in the region without the fantastic, devoted group of volunteers who with their endless energy promote facilitation in their local communities and support the region. My role is to do my best to support them.

At the end of this year it is the time for me to pass on the leadership of the region to a new person. I would like to encourage applying for the position. For me it has been a role of service, and it has also taken a fair part of my time, but I feel that I have been able to use that time in a meaningful way. You learn so much about the IAF, about facilitation globally, about leadership and about yourself in this journey. You create connections and make friends that will last beyond your term, some for life.