Statement of Solidarity from the IAF Global board

15 June 2020

The world is at an inflection point on racial relations. The IAF board stands in solidarity with the black community and all communities of colour against systemic racism, white supremacy, and the injustices that have plagued BAME groups everywhere. The senseless murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and others have shaken the United States and also served as the catalyst for important race and privilege protest and conversations around the world.

We must all take a stand and make our voices heard.  We must uplift the voices of BAME communities, confront White Privilege, and acknowledge our own privileges, implicit biases, and the ways in which we individually and collectively uphold the destructive forces of systemic racism.

The IAF represents a community of facilitators that fundamentally believes in the inherent value of the individual and work with communities to create an environment of inclusive participation with all people. Our work is grounded on the beliefs of honouring and recognizing the diversity and ensuring inclusiveness of all voices. As facilitators we believe that collaborative and cooperative interaction builds meaningful outcomes.

As a global board, and with members all over the world, we have to ask ourselves what can we personally do, how can we all make a positive difference and change the conversation through listening, learning and acting.

We will continue to work on our own associations diversity and inclusion and how we can connect with, learn from and elevate our members and what they all bring.  We want you, the membership, to help us and hold us to account in our ongoing discussions on diversity and inclusion.

Our international network of facilitators is in a critical position in engaging in the work to make our communities and the world a better place.  There is an important role for all of us to play. 

We ask our membership to elevate the work of facilitation by working with local communities in creating opportunities for much needed conversations and meaningfully support change. 

The IAF Global Board of Directors