Mentoring Programme 2021 Underway

18 June 2021

Thank you to those who registered to take part in the 2021 IAF Mentoring Programme! Mentoring has started - with over half of this year's participants being paired up already. 


For those looking to take part in a future Mentoring Programme, please see below for the criteria to join: 

Mentor Selection Criteria:

Only IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitators (CPF) will be eligible to sign up as Mentors.

Prior mentoring experience is preferred.

Willing to commit to be a Mentor for the 6 month period of the program.

Prepared to take part in an online orientation prior to the commencement of the Programme.

Submits the Mentorship Program application for Mentors, with a CV and photo.

Willing to participate in the feedback & evaluation process.

Existing assessors are not eligible because of the risk of creating conflicts of interest down the road.

Mentee Criteria:

Must be a current IAF member. 


For further information and resources about the programme, please visit the Mentoring Programme page

Any quesitons about the programme can be directed to Sharon Horner, IAF Global Mentorship Program Lead, at