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AARP Foundation
Redesigning and Creating an Effective Strategic Planning Methodology

Location: Washington, DC, USA
Sponsor: Keanne Henry
Facilitator: Tierah Chorba


AARP Foundation used facilitation to execute a redesigned strategic planning process.  The effort reduced planning time from 6 months to less than three weeks. The resulting plan has increased organizational clarity and focus on the work needed to create and advance effective solutions for vulnerable people 50+.

Key Results Achieved

The key results achieved include:

  • Significantly reduced cost and better utilization of staff time
  • Development of 14 focused goal areas with 74 supporting strategies
  • The Foundation now has a way to measure progress against the strategic plan.  In the second quarter of 2015, 80.5% of strategies were on or ahead of schedule.

Sponsor: Keanne Henry
AARP Director, Strategy & Innovation
Facilitator: Tierah Chorba
President Veritas Visioneering