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China Resources Gas Group Limited
Organic Growth Driven Facilitation

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Project Owner: Wang Chuandong, China Resources Gas Group Limited
Facilitators: Kevin Hao Junshuai, Beijing Gene 100 Management Consulting Co. LTD


Wang Chuandong
China Resources Gas Group Limited


Kevin Hao Junshuai
Beijing Gene 100 Management Consulting Co. LTD

Organic Growth Driven Facilitation


The objective of the project was to improve 82 benchmarking criteria among its 230 city gas subsidiaries through 634 facilitation subprojects in 2015.  Organic Growth Driven Facilitation integrated the methodology of Facilitation, Benchmarking, PDCA, and Management Performance to achieve its objective.

Key Results Achieved

The key results achieved include:

Tangible Benefits

  • For 2015, gross gas sales volume of CR Gas increased 9% from 13.66 billion m3 to 14.91 billion m3 while the overall gas volume demand growth in China was only 5.7%.
  • Turnover for 2015 increased by 8% to US $4.01 billion, which is 1.6 times of the industry average growth rate.
  • The operation profit from city gas distribution business for 2015 increased by 10% to US $630.86 million, which is faster than the growth rate of turnover (8%).
  • The average period needed to install gas connection for commercial and industrial customers was further reduced from 42 days to 38 days, which improved the operational efficiency of the asset as well as customer satisfaction.
  • The average gas leakage rate has decreased further to 2.73%, lower than the industrial average of 5%.

Intangible Benefits

  • The result of CR GAS Employee Engagement Survey of 2015 by Hewitt was 76 points, which is higher than industrial average of 72 points.
  • Platts named CR GAS as the “Second Fastest Growing Energy Company” and the “Fastest Growing Natural Gas Company” in Asia.
  • Asia Newsweek Magazine awarded the Company the “Best Results Performance Company” and the “Green New Energy Enterprise”.