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The City of Calgary
Flood Recovery Facilitation

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Sponsor: Kathy Sokolan-Oblak
Facilitator: Erina Possak, Chris Arthurs, Tom Gosse, Elaine Wong, Kathy Sokolan-Oblak


The City of Calgary established a Recovery Operations Centre (ROC) for the first time ever within days of the devastating 2013 flood that hit southern Alberta. ROC is winding down after two years with the majority of deliverables being met and successful evaluations of the recovery efforts both internally and externally.

The recovery efforts were supported by a cross-corporate team of facilitators and subject matter experts.  City employees are committed to implement the necessary measures to ensure our ability to successful recovery from future events. Investments have been made to assist The City and the Calgary community to be more resilient since the 2013 flood.  Numerous facilitations have occurred engaging internal staff as well as external stakeholders and other orders of government.

Key Results Achieved

The key results achieved include:

  • Development and approval of The Flood Recovery Framework by City Council

  • Successful completion of deliverables in the Recovery Framework

  • Central coordination of recovery efforts including municipal infrastructure projects

  • Evaluation of lessons learned as part of the flood recovery program


The key and tangible deliverables include the following:

  • End of June to September 02, 2013 - 99,000 tons of debris deposited at city landfills

  • Significant project management efficiencies achieved through the Municipal Infrastructure Recovery Program estimated at $409.6 million

  • Excellent accounting of insurance claims and tracking of funds with a return rate on Disaster Recovery Program submissions of 99 per cent in quarter two of 2015

  • Interim housing project complete, as well as immediate reconstruction facilitation strategy targeting building permits

  • Land use bylaw review and update project completed

    Sponsor: Kathy Sokolan-Oblak
    City Recovery Manager,
    Facilitator: Erina Possak, Chris Arthurs, Tom Gosse, Elaine Wong, Kathy Sokolan-Oblak
    Recovery Operations Centre Core Facilitation Team,