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Platinum award
Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Enabling SHAW


The project has been successful with the following results:

  • Full alignment among senior management team and officers on key strategies and initiatives in student programmes for years 2018–21. A brand new approach has been created for orientating new students to Shaw College and will be launched in autumn 2019. (relating to System/We > I)
  • Brought in fresh approach to over 8 types of student programmes in Shaw College, shifting from one-way, top-down briefing sessions to facilitating dialogues, deepening learning experience with goal setting and facilitated sharing. Over 1,100 students have participated in these programmes since then (relating to System/Humane/Appreciation). There are about 120 alumni, 90 applicants/resident tutors and 50 staff members who participated in the various initiatives using facilitation in the events and meetings.
  • Restructured and reduced student programmes which in total saved 130 person days and enabled resources to be re-deployed to new services and projects.
  • The engagement elements of programmes has increased from 10–20% to 80–90% since the project started in 2015.
  • Around 80% of participants in pre and post-trip workshops rated the workshops as 4 or above out of 6 in terms of helping them to prepare for the programmes and review and consolidate their learning from the programmes.
  • Transformed meetings (management and administrators) from operational reporting (one way/silo) to thematic facilitation. Since September 2014, 26 themes in meetings were facilitated, engaging all officers to share their views on all aspects of college administration and development with detailed documentation.

The impact was a much deeper understanding of cross team challenges and co-creating solutions for Shaw College (relating to System/Humane/Appreciation/We > I).

The project has gradually changed the working and communication approach of Shaw College from traditional, top-down and one-way to much more dynamic and engaging. It started from one area of student programme, and now extending to almost every facet of student services and college administration, including programme development, service design, engagement of students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders.

Context and challenges

With the rapidly changing social and political environment in Hong Kong, Shaw College has been facing more complexity and changes in recent years. For instance, decline in engagement level (number and quality of participation) in student programmes, pressure on college management and staff to respond to more ad hoc requests, disciplinary issues, family issues and attacks in social media. All these call for more and better communication, understanding and alignment within the College and among various stakeholders.

Project objectives

The project, which started in 2015, has become an on-going effort to build the following aspects of the College, as proposed by the College Head – System, Humane, Appreciation, We > I.

The purpose of “Enabling S.H.A.W” is to provide solid and consistent support for student development in line with the College Motto, Slogan and Five Pillars. In particular, the College aims to achieve the following:

  1. Enhance system and processes in facilitating student learning and development, as well as college administration (System)
  2. Cultivate diversity and inclusion in college community (Humane/Appreciation)
  3. Align goals, principles and processes on key management and student issues (We>I)


The IAF Hong Kong (IAFHK), in strategic partnership with Shaw College, was engaged to work directly with college management team and staff:

  1. For students: IAFHK facilitators designed or re-designed Shaw College student programmes to enhance the level of engagement and inclusion. The facilitators also transferred facilitation skills to college staff so they can continue to facilitate the programmes on their own.
  2. For staff: IAFHK facilitators facilitated staff sessions, staff retreat and team events to support better communication, alignment and community building. IAFHK facilitators also mentor staff in their design and facilitation of team meetings, student events, meet-up of student leaders and amenities management.

Staff retreat

Overseas Spanish Study Programme

Meet-up with elected cabinet of student organisations

Forum on catering services – output in Chinese