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FMC Technologies, Inc.
Engineering Process Definition

Location: Houston, TX; USA
Project Owner: Randy Wester, FMC Technologies, Inc.
Facilitator: Charles Jessup, FMC Technologies, Inc.


Randy Wester
FMC Technologies, Inc.


Charles Jessup
FMC Technologies, Inc.

Engineering Process Definition


Different regions have different engineering processes for some of the same activities within FMC Technologies.  The result was waste and inefficiency stemming from a lack of standardization.  For example, work could not be passed between regions because each region had its own way of doing things.  As a result, the organization saw many inefficiencies that drove many non-value added costs.

The objective of the project was to define and gain agreement on engineering processes and workflows across four different continents within FMC Technologies, Inc.  We used the following approach to achieve the project objective.

  • Initial preparation meeting with the project sponsor to determine final outputs, participants, budget, potential obstacles, and time table.
  • Pre-workshop meeting with the participants that were held virtually to enhance the effectiveness of the upcoming face-to-face workshops.
  • 3 in-person facilitated workshops, each lasting 1 week.
  • During the workshops, the facilitator helped the team create and document agreed upon engineering processes to be applied globally, and then documented in a central system.

Key Results Achieved

Key results achieved include:

  • A single documented engineering process, applicable to all four regions, which results in benefit of at least $1.4 Million from a reduction in wasted time, variation, and redundant processes.
  • Total project finished 2 months ahead of schedule and $250,000 under budget.