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Fremantle Ports
Growing Your Facilitation Skills Internally

Location: Fremantle, Western Australia
Sponsor: Jan Miller
Facilitator: Margo O’Byrne and Andrew Huffer



In 2013, Fremantle Ports actively chose to increase its in-house capability for building constructive cultures and business effectiveness.  This included building the facilitation capacity within Fremantle Ports.  This was done to broaden the facilitation capability to ensure that informed decisions were reached and to maintain the momentum to successfully complete project work.  In the preceding years, Fremantle Ports had heavily relied on Change Facilitators and Business Improvement personnel to facilitate outcomes or they had purchased the resource externally.  Fremantle Ports worked with the Facilitators Inner Circle to design and deliver two cohorts of the ‘Growing Your Facilitation Skills’ program (2013 & 2014), complemented by follow-up master classes (2014 & 2015).

Key Results Achieved

Key results achieved include:

  • 36 staff trained in facilitation skills

  • 100% of Fremantle Ports staff exposed to facilitative processes

  • Workplace giving and volunteering program identified and initiated, providing 388 hours of staff time in volunteering to a range of causes

  • Improved levels of effectiveness and collaboration throughout the organisation through using a facilitative approach to planning and engagement

  • 38 internal and external facilitated sessions run by 25 program graduates to deliver a range of outcomes including internal savings of $81,360

  • Improved relationships and reputation with external stakeholders

  • Progress and completion of at least 31 workplace projects

    Sponsor: Jan Miller
    Corporate Development Manager
    Facilitator: Margo O’Byrne and Andrew Huffer
    Facilitators Inner Circle