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Gold award
Alvaro Quintana
Mexico City, Mexico

Growth Plan Execution and Business Development Campaign 2019


All business units grew in 2019, posting 39% growth over last year, achieving 130% of our revenue target, exceeding our objective. We clarified roles and responsibilities of key leaders, working with the top strategic players on a weekly basis, strengthening leadership capabilities and focusing on accountability toward results, fostering discipline, accountability, trust, and teamwork.  We gained control of the business’ finances and accelerated business development initiatives and results.

Context and challenges

Based in Mexico City, the Alvaro Quintana (AQ) Executive Team is comprised of an organization of ten men who serve as executive leaders across the businesses’ Technology, Consulting, and Logistics divisions. These executive leaders lead four divisions of approximately 50 people, dispersed across the country, conducting customs processing, warehousing operations, logistics consulting, and providing technology-based solutions for client businesses engaging in logistics-based commerce across the country.

In 2019 we expanded our business development initiatives from the previous year to include regular facilitated sessions with the executive leaders through focused initiatives including growth plan execution, strategic analysis, defining and implementing the business’ Core Values, financial management, driving growth, and setting the business up for success.

Our key challenge was to effectively grow the business 30%, concentrating on developing and implementing effective marketing programs, clarifying responsibilities of key leaders, regularly meeting with business heads, optimizing capabilities and fostering accountability and results.

Project objectives

Our primary objective was an increase in top-line revenue of 30% over 2018. Also, establishing a stronger and more effective executive team and organizational culture of excellence, performance, and results, with a focus on ongoing strategic awareness and growth, better understanding our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. 


We developed Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) necessary to structure and monitor growth. Facilitated strategies included accountability of target goal achievement, marketing development, gleaning better ROI from sales efforts, focus on strategic business development with targeted, specific meetings and focused agendas.

Weekly meetings with Mr. Quintana and the executive team, as well as monthly, on-site meetings with the division leaders, and quarterly on-site strategic summits, engaging the team, raising the bar of performance, conditioning excellence, and maintaining high standards.