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90-Day Action Plans

Location: Seoul, Korea
Project Owner: EunJoo Kim, Handok
Facilitator: HongMi Chae, Inpeople Consulting


EunJoo Kim


HongMi Chae
Inpeople Consulting

90-Day Action Plans


Handok, the Pharmaceutical company who manufactures and sales medicine in Korea has missed business goals every year since 2000. Whole organization has suffered with low winning spirits across all functions and levels.

Change Management & Development team had executed several change programs to build high winning spirits like ‘Hi-Five’, ‘Action Learning’, ‘WoW’ since 2009.  Those programs helped to boost the energy of the organization , but didn’t create direct impact on business operations.  Thus, the CM&D team called an outside facilitator to design a new change program which accelerated efforts to create alignment with business goals in the entire organization.

Key Results Achieved

Key results achieved include:

Tangible benefits:

  • 2016 2Q sales growth rate (compared to 2015 2Q) is 15.2%.  This is a significant improvement as the last 3 year’s average sales growth rate was 4.4%,
  • Net income was also dramatically improved turning into profit-making ($683K by 2Q 2016)

Intangible benefits:

  • We sensed the changed morale in the organization. Each employee participated to the process for set up shared goal and developing action planning. This experience strengthened the commitment and most of team executed their action plans. Such small wins encouraged winning spirits.
  • We also noticed our team leaders learned new leadership style while they facilitate 2-day workshop. In the typical Korean working culture, top-down working style was common, but the leaders were forced to practice facilitative leadership style in the workshop which was a great real learning chance for them.