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Himi City
City Administration through Facilitation and Dialogue

Location: Himi City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan
Sponsor: Mr. Yujiro Hongawa
Facilitator: Yoshiharu Asanoumi



Himi City repurposed the gymnasium of a closed-down high school into a new city hall, something that had never been done before in Japan. This opportunity was regarded as a great chance to practice citizen participation and promote "City Administration through Facilitation and Dialogue," the new city slogan. Himi City organized a series of workshops to discuss the vision and design of a new city hall.

Various facilitation techniques were applied in workshops for citizens as well as city officials. Through the facilitated workshop process, participants shared a revolutionary image of city administration and the city hall was designed as a usable place for the citizens, and as a creative place for city officials to promote inter-divisional collaboration. In addition, the preparation of workshops was designed as on-the-job training for city officials to learn about facilitation. It created the foundation to promote “City Administration through Facilitation and Dialogue" in Himi City.

The design process of facilitation enhanced interest and understanding surrounding civic collaboration among citizens and city officials.

Key Results Achieved

Key results achieved include:

  • Created a design of a new city hall reflecting the philosophy of "City Administration through Facilitation and Dialogue".

  • Developed human resources by training city officials to become facilitators in the process of workshops.

  • Enhanced trust relationship between citizens and Himi City, and developed the foundation of civic collaboration.

    Sponsor: Mr. Yujiro Hongawa
    Himi City Mayor
    Facilitator: Yoshiharu Asanoumi
    Leadership Strategies – The Facilitation Company