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Taiwan Active Aging Association
Dialogue With Time in Taiwan

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C
Project Owner: Yang Chih-liang, Ph.D.
Facilitators: Jorie Wu, CPF; Jackie Chang, CPF; Tara Hsueh, CPF; Vincent Chen (All are part of CP Yen Foundation)


Yang Chih-liang, Ph.D.


Jorie Wu, CPF
CP Yen Foundation


Jackie Chang, CPF
CP Yen Foundation


Tara Hsueh, CPF
CP Yen Foundation


Vincent Chen
CP Yen Foundation

Dialogue With Time in Taiwan


Dialogue with Time is an interactive exhibition, the first of its kind in the world that deals with aging from an original perspective. The groundbreaking exhibition allows visitors a glimpse into the world of the elderly. Through experiential play, using latest technology, a creative intergenerational dialogue is produced, dispelling stereotypes and clichés of old age. The guides-dialogue makers of this exhibition are aged 70 and above. They are the dialogue makers and experts in all facets of aging and act as role models.

The exhibition called “Honey, I am old- Dialogue with Time” was organized by Taiwan Active Aging Association (AAA), a new Non-Profit Organization in Taiwan. The mission of AAA is to promote the awareness of aging and to foster a positive mentality and environment to deal with the challenge of high aging society we are facing in the near future.  To illustrate the missions and increase the awareness of aging issues, AAA liaised with Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE) in Germany to conduct the “Dialogue with Time“exhibition in Taiwan. Taiwan is the first country in Asia that launched this exhibition.

Facilitators from CP Yen Foundation (CPFY) were the strategic partners with AAA in this project. They served as trainers for the senior dialogue makers during the training period and continued to coach and monitor the senior dialogue makers during the exhibition months. The collaboration among AAA, DSE and CPYF is international, strategic and unprecedented.

The project objective included the following:

  • Empower and enable senior dialogue makers(SDM) who are over 70 years old to be qualified dialogue facilitators for “Honey, I am old- Dialogue with Time” exhibition in Taiwan,
  • SDMs conduct dialogue about Happy Aging and The Art of Aging among visitors and general publics. 
  • Successfully create awareness of active aging for society at large

Key Results Achieved

Key results achieved include:

  • For the Senior Dialogue Maker: There are 42 senior dialogue makers trained, and worked at the exhibition. Through training, practice and assessment they were well prepared to interact with the public and lead the inter-generational dialogue. There were over 1000 sessions with 83,300 visitors attended in the dialogue sessions.
  • The feedback from audience received over 90% with high satisfaction of the whole experience. 
  • President and Ministers visited the exhibition and also recognized the important role of senior dialogue makers played in this educational exhibition. 
  • Future exhibitors from Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan visited the exhibition to seek support for training the senior dialogue makers and experiences sharing. 
  • More than two thirds of Taipei senior dialogue makers are willing to support next exhibition in other city of Taiwan.  
  • There were 155 media coverage on mass medias, and over 15 Feature Stories about the “Dialogue with Time” and the Dialogue makers. Active Aging and Aging issue had been discussed in the stories. The total media effects equal to NT$76,198,207 advertisement fee.