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Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.
Service Assurance

Location: Mumbai, India
Project Owner: Dr Rajani Tewari, Group Head HR, Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.
Facilitators: Vinisha Jayaswal, Anupinder Kaur, Ruru Mehta



Dr Rajani Tewari
Group Head HR
Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.


Vinisha Jayaswal
Group Head – Learning & Development
Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.


Anupinder Kaur
Human Resources
Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd. 


Ruru Mehta
Human Resources
Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd.

Service Assurance


The Wockhardt Hospital at Mira Road, Mumbai, is a takeover from the erstwhile Umrao Institute of Medical Science and Research. Subsequent to the takeover, majority of the Heads of Departments were recruited anew by Wockhardt whereas the rest of the staff remained the same. This combination (of old and new staff) gave rise to workplace friction, which resulted in miscommunication, misunderstanding, and low efficiency spilling over to the daily work functions resulting in low patient satisfaction scores. It was vital to intervene at this stage to avoid a further downward plunge.

Hence, in order to overcome the challenges and achieve the desired results, a 60-day intervention was planned for the entire hospital. The ideal period for the results to start showing was a period of 60 days, as a shorter time period would not be adequate owing to the fact that this was dealing with human behavior.

The project’s objective was to identify individual departmental challenges, find working solutions for the same in order to enhance customer’s experience in the hospital and bring about a significant rise in patient satisfaction scores from 30% to 60% in 60 days; consequently, brand the hospital as one of the most coveted healthcare providers of the region.

Key Results Achieved

Key results achieved include:

  • A percentile growth of 45% hike is seen in the PSI scores right from the time the project was executed till the culmination of it, that is, at 60 days.
  • The project also brought about intangible benefits such as increased cross functional and collaborative work, increased customer satisfaction, team bonding and increased efficiency eventually increasing the value of the organisation.
  • The project has been successful up to 75% of the business expectations.