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21st IAF Asia Conference Osaka, Japan 2018


September 2018

Call for Proposals

21st IAF Asia Conference Osaka, Japan 2018

Conference Session: September 8 (Sat) – 9 (Sun)


Conference Workshop Session Proposal Guidance



  • Please use this form to propose a workshop session for IAF Asia Conference, Osaka, Japan, September 8 (Sat) – 9 (Sun)
  • Complete the form as fully as possible and attach other documents to support your proposal, if any. Copies of your proposal and attachments will be distributed to our Conference Organizing Committee
  • The committee will review all proposals to create a balanced and varied program. If there are several similar proposals a member of the program team may be in contact to ask if you could take a different approach
  • To submit your proposal, complete the form and email to
  • The submission deadline is March 27th (Tue), 2018

Download Form - PDF