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The Facilitation Impact Awards (FIA) honours organisations that have used facilitation to achieve a measurable and positive impact as well as the facilitator(s) who worked with them. More about FIA

Facilitation Impact Awards 2018


July 2018

Summary of results

In 2018, 15 organisations nominated for an award:

  • 6 not-for-profit organisations
  • 4 government organisations
  • 4 small to medium businesses
  • 1 large business.

IAF volunteers from 11 countries evaluated the submissions using the following criteria:

Facilitation Impact Award criteria

The awards are non-competitive. All submissions that receive 70 points or more receive an award. Ten submissions received the threshold number of points required for an award, resulting in:

  • 4 Platinum Awards (90 to 100 points)
  • 5 Gold Awards (80 to 89 points)
  • 1 Silver Award (70 to 79 points).

Awards were given to four not-for-profits, two small to medium businesses, three government organisations and one large business.

The IAF region of the organisations that nominated for and received awards is shown below.

2018 Facilitation Impact Award nominations and awards