Facilitação em Português

Our Mission and Objectives

The mission of Facilitação em Português is to promote the power and the impact of Facilitation in Portuguese speaking countries. Created in May 2017, we are supported by  IAF Portugal and IAF Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our objective is to gather a community of portuguese speaking facilitators who, as members of IAF, will be the ambassadors of facilitation in portuguese.

How will we get together?

Due to the geographical dispersion of this SIG – Portuguese is officially spoken in Europe (Portugal), South America (Brasil), Africa (Angola, Mozambique, Guiné Bissau e Equatorial, Cape Verde, São Tomé e Príncipe) and Asia (Macau and Timor) we will operate mainly on social media and virtual networking

How to join us?

There are many ways to get in touch with the SIG:

- email us! -

- join us in our facebook page -


Activities in 2017

Monthly SIG webex in Portuguese (Let’s talk about Facilitation in Portuguese) – open to all that want to join

Quarterly Group Discussions – on specific topics – for IAF Members only

Promote and Participate in specific events where Facilitation in Portuguese can be a differentiator