Welcome to IAF Germany! 
We are around 30 IAF members spread throughout Germany and beyond. 
We convene free face-to-face facilitation meetups for everyone interested in facilitated group processes through a growing number of regional groups around the country:

Facilitators & Friends in Berlin, organizing a Facilitation Festival during International Facilitation Week

Facilitators & Friends 'Mitte Deutschland' in Kassel und Fulda, organizing workshops during International Facilitation Week regarding:

Learning Facilitation or: How to become a real facilitator?

Friday, 19th of October 2018, 10:00 - 16:00
Place: Kassel (Facility will be communicated)

Facilitating others in their ways of communicating as a moderator, consultant or coach is requiring competences in various fields. You have to have knowledge regarding processes and work-flows, methods and dynamics; you have to understand deeply different tasks and challenges; you have to have expertise regarding organizations and their specific demands on collaboration; last but not least you need a clear view on your own role and the services and support you want to provide to others.

How to learn all that? How to support the learning-process of individuals, in groups or on the organizational level? How can one decide, which kind of facilitation is solving the given problem?

More questions and sound answers are elaborated during the IAF Facilitation Week on Friday, 19th of October 2018 facilitated by Christian Rieckmann and Stefan Gross.

Group members are encouraged to use the groups to convene additional meetups wherever & whenever suits them, according to their own interests.  
Everyone with an interest in group process facilitation is welcome, including facilitators and others who use or commission facilitation, IAF members and non-members alike!
Please connect with us by joining over 100 facilitators in Germany in our Xing group and by following & tweeting with IAF Germany on Twitter. 
We are looking forward to building up a lively and enriching facilitation community!
For further information or with any questions, please contact
IAF Germany Chair Christian Rieckmann
or another of our IAF Germany Leadership Team:
Nathalie Berthier-Ortmann, Munich - Munich Meetup & Conference
Anja Ebers, Berlin - Berlin Meetups, Community & Social Media
Stefan Groß, Fulda - Conferences