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Shaping Culture by Working With Stories - A webinar by Stephen Berkeley and Kavi Arasu


Many of us think of stories from the aspect of how well we tell it. Real shaping of culture comes from much more. How well do you create the space for stories to surface and what all needs to be done, to make all that emerges to lead to productive outcomes. Stephen and Kavi will introduce their work on creating story ecosystems.

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Kavi and Stephen have presented their “Building Bridges and Breaking Walls: One Story at a TIme” as a one day pre-conference workshop at the last two editions of the IAF Asia conference in 2017 &  2018. They seek to deepen their understanding of the story ecosystem by co-creating new learning with people around the world. This webinar is part of that quest and will help you in your training sessions, designing content, organisation development work.

Kavi Arasu: Kavi is a talent and organisational change specialist who loves to play at the intersection of people, technology and organisational change

Stephen Berkeley: Stephen in is an Organisation Development Practitioner who help individuals, communities and organisations transform and reach their full potential.

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