Front L-R:   February Yoon, Monisha Mohandas, Hanie Bohlender, Pat Nunis, George Bohlender, Linette Heng, Andal Krishnan

Back L-R:    Sudeep Mohandas, Justin Hong, Farah Shahed, DINO, Hamidah Marican, Amy Wan Ratos



Brief Overview


2019 has been an eventful year for IAF Malaysia.   As a small chapter of 15 members, we have grown to 19 members to date – and this is largely due to the effort put in to publicize the 22nd Asia Conference and to work on the IAF Brand in Malaysia

2 Workshops on Competencies  have been held over the past months and a strategic planning session for years 2020 – 2022  held in June facilitated by Vinay Kumar in June. 

The challenges of a small chapter are often linked to attendance for workshops and events – so this is addressed by opening sessions to the public and spreading the news of facilitation to all who may be interested. 

We look forward to a new Chapter team in 2020 and the new pathways and journeys that will open up to the IAF in Malaysia. 

Warm Regards, Patricia Nunis (Chapter Lead, 2016-19)

Picture Gallery

  • A light moment while planning with Vinay Kumar (24 June 2019)
  • Participants at the IAF Core Competencies and Practice Workshop (28 Feb 2019)
  • 22nd IAF Asia Facilitators Conference 2019 (Banner)
  • Moments to Share
  • Malaysia Conference Planning team - work is fun!


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