Ottawa Chapter Lead:

Nora Sheffe


Upcoming Ottawa Chapter Meetings:

All meetings are held from 7 pm to 9 pm. Locations to be determined.

The Ottawa Chapter meets 5 times a year, typically in September, November, January, April and June.  Our June session usually includes a reflection on the year and then in either in June or September, we select topics and hosts for the next season of gatherings.  Our venue varies for each gathering - often going to different members' places of work. The logistics for the gatherings are circulated to our chapter members about 2 weeks in advance.

As for our topics, we draw from the expertise and experience of our chapter members by sharing of case studies, leading practical sessions and occasionally bringing in guest speakers.  

The remaining gatherings for this season are:

   April 20, 2017 – Youth demos / engagement; bringing in the next generation

   June 6, 2017 – Technologies that support group facilitation