Social Inclusion Facilitators

Facilitation is essentially a very powerful tool in enabling and promoting equality amongst people; all facilitators believe that genuine Participation is an essential means to effective group, community, organisational and societal development.  In this sense, promoting Inclusion should be the business of all facilitators; indeed, this is clearly spelled in the IAF Core Competencies in C2, which states that facilitators should “honour and recognise diversity, ensuring inclusiveness.”

This Special Interest Group grew out of a larger network of Social Inclusion Facilitators, mostly based in Africa that has been working for many years to use Facilitation as a means of tackling discrimination, exclusion and oppression in order to promote Social Cohesion and Inclusion.  Currently, the group consists of 9 IAF members (in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and DR Congo), who have joined together to develop this group with the following objectives:

  • To act as a means of organising for Social Inclusion facilitators globally
  • To promote Social Inclusion facilitation amongst IAF members
  • Development of Facilitation methods and Techniques in relation to Social Inclusion and for specific groups, e.g. people with disabilities (deaf, blind etc.), illiterate people, LGBTIQ communities, etc.
  • To promote Inclusion and Diversity through the work of the SIG
  • Sharing of learning, information, resources and services

Activities planned by the group are as follows:

  • Regular webinars to engage with other facilitators around issues relating to Diversity and Inclusion
  • Ongoing sharing and exchange of ideas, tools and methods
  • Quarterly discussion forums (reflection and learning) for Social Inclusion facilitators
  • Recruitment of new IAF members from existing Social Inclusion facilitators group (currently over 70 facilitators in 12 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe, of whom only 7 are IAF members)
  • Engagement with other IAF members involved in Social Inclusion / Diversity & Inclusion facilitation

Please look out for our regular webinars on the IAF events page.

To become involved with this group, please contact us through