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Meet the Candidates


October 2016
| Board Elections

Regional Director for Europe, Middle East & North Africa

The Regional Director provides facilitative leadership to the membership in the region, ensuring that IAF’s activity in the region is aligned with the strategy and policy of the global Association. The Regional Director leads a regional board or team in alignment with the strategy and policy of the global Association and serves as a formal link between the global Board and the regional board or team, chapters and groups, representing the regional members’ interests to the global Board and vice versa. A complete role description for Regional Director for Regional Director for Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA) is available by clicking here.

There is one candidate for the position of Regional Director for Europe, Middle East & North Africa.

Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte

Candidate Statement

During the last three years I have taken care of the chapter development in the EMENA region, where half of the IAF World chapters are located in this moment. This role has enabled me to connect with fellow facilitators around the region, to learn much more about facilitation, and familiarize with local specific issues in different parts of the region that are related to facilitation and chapter development.

I am interested in the position of Regional Director because I think that I could use my previous experience and already established contacts in the region, and build on them. Previous Regional Directors and teams have done amazing job to develop the region, and it would be an honor to continue developing our region in the RD role from that basis. During the two-year period I would like to put effort on providing high quality support to chapters’ development, activating the Middle East part of the region, and developing fruitful partnerships with other organizations.

In order to succeed in this role, I would seek to engage both the existing fantastic volunteers that we have in the region, and new ones, and provide them conditions to work in a meaningful way. I would see my role most of all as enabler, as well as connector with the IAF Global.