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Meet the Candidates


October 2016
| Board Elections

Regional Director for Africa

The Regional Director provides facilitative leadership to the membership in the region, ensuring that IAF’s activity in the region is aligned with the strategy and policy of the global Association. The Regional Director leads a regional board or team in alignment with the strategy and policy of the global Association and serves as a formal link between the global Board and the regional board or team, chapters and groups, representing the regional members’ interests to the global Board and vice versa. A complete role description for Regional Director for Africa is available by clicking here.

There is one candidate for the position of Regional Director for Africa. 

John Cornwell

Candidate Statement

I have been the current Africa rep on the Board since the start of 2015 and wish to stand for another term. If re-elected, I plan to focus on the following areas:

Growth of membership and chapters – in the last two chapters, our membership in Africa has more than tripled to the current figure of 43 members in 9 different countries, and we have two new chapters (in Rwanda and Kenya).  I will continue to find practical ways to support continued growth and, importantly, engagement and retention of members

Development of “African voice and perspective” in IAF – the presence of African members in different IAF activities has increased considerably (e.g. in FIA, online meetings, support with translation, communication activities) and I will make every effort to support this trend to continue, so that the African region plays a significant role in all IAF activities

Development of Facilitation practice – several initiatives are taking place (e.g. facilitator dialogues, online sessions, Kenya conference in October 2016) which are focused on improving the quality and “professionalization” of facilitation practice in Africa.  I will endeavor to support these and develop new areas for growth and development.

CPF and Professional Development – it is a great wish of many members in Africa to develop the CPF system within the continent as well as other areas of professional development through mentorship, peer learning, etc.  I would wish to see us holding regular certification events in different parts of the continent, starting from 2017

Networking and Communication – we have several networking initiatives running, making good use of online communication systems in particular (e.g. Africa-wide members meetings, West Africa group, Francophone networks).  I wish to continue these and support new ones to facilitate improved communication and development between all members and other facilitators in our networks