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Meet the Candidates


October 2016
| Board Elections

Director of Professional Development

The key responsibilities of the Director of Professional Development are to lead the Board in developing appropriate global strategy and policy relative to Professional Development, to monitor activities relative to Professional Development in each region, to provide advice and guidance and to identify and propagate best practice, to provide facilitative leadership to volunteers, staff & contractors involved in Professional Development, ensuring their alignment with global strategy and policy, and to manage the Professional Development operating budget and contracts with suppliers. A complete role description for Director of Professional Development is available by clicking here.

There are two candidates for the position of Director of Professional Development.

Cameron Fraser

Candidate StatementEarly in the Association’s history the Professional Development portfolio worked on identifying Core Competencies, helping define unique aspects of our profession. Since then it has focused on managing the certification program. While this remains important, the portfolio can be about more. To that end I have three priorities to pursue:

1. Creating the future of the profession. Our Statement of Values says “We value professional collaboration to improve our profession”. I believe there are opportunities to gather IAF members, and thinkers from outside the association (since our membership isn’t as large as we would like), in a long term project to describe what the future of facilitation could be.

2. Expanding the reach of the Certification Program. I’ve been involved in certification and assessment processes since 1972. No assessment can ever be completely objective. I believe the IAF’s is better than most. All systems evolve over time. The primary challenges are to remain as objective as possible, ensure that the Certification evolves intentionally, and is delivered fairly and consistently regardless of location or language. We made a major step on this front with the recent assessment in Mandarin and I will be looking to expand to other languages in the next two years.

3. Creating the future of Certification and Accreditation for the IAF. In January of 2016 I presented the Board with a possible model for expanding the suite of certifications and accreditations offered by the Association. This included an International Mentoring program, building on an existing program already in use regionally, simplifying and offering more options for recertification of CPF’s, and a senior facilitators role for those who are retiring but want to remain involved. As with any volunteer organization, progress on these goals has been slow and a second term will help with both progress and continuity.


Keith Ryall

Candidate Statement

When I was Governor for Rotary International District 9800, the theme we selected for the 2012 Annual Conference was...”Celebrate the Past; Make a Commitment to the Future.” If elected to the position of Director of Professional Development, I plan to adopt a similar theme as the IAF had much to celebrate over its 22 years in existence and now needs to ensure we build on those past successes. Rotary International has been in existence for 111 years and has grown from 4 members in 1905 to 1.2Million members today in 220 countries.

 Goals for Consideration:

  1. Build on the excellent work done by Cameron Fraser and Lindsay Wilson particularly with regard to the Internationalization of the CPF Program and  Bursary assistance; ensure there is greater transparency as far as assignments are made and better communication overall with the Assessor Group. Improve performance management and accountability of all stakeholders.
  2. Use the benefit of Best Practice Reviews so that IAF Members are able to enjoy outstanding Professional Development opportunities all-round the globe. Learn from the experiences of successful Volunteer based organisations like Rotary International and leading for-profit companies like Accenture ( formerly part of Andersen Worldwide). I have direct experience with both those bodies; 25 years with Accenture and 17 years with Rotary. We need to be more innovative and creative.
  3. Encourage Assessors to become more involved with conducting Workshops at International Conferences when a CPF Program is offered immediately before or after the Conference. It happened in Port of Spain 2016 (IAFNA) but not in Melbourne 2016 (IAF-Oceania).

Extensive Board Experience; Melbourne University-Graduate Union (4 years-current), International House (10 years), IAF-Oceania Rep. (2 years).

I look forward to your support and pledge wholehearted commitment.