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Meet the Candidates


October 2016
| Board Elections


The Board's Treasurer ensures a high standard of financial management, governance and accountability and supports the Directors and the Board as a whole in fulfilling their financial responsibilities and to oversee and support the Association’s financial management function. A complete role description for Treasurer is available by clicking here.

There is one candidate for the position of Treasurer.

Tony Nash

Candidate Statement

A strength I bring to this position is the ability to motivate groups to action and getting things done.  This is a skill that's essential in the IAF community.  I am currently serving on the IAF Board in the position of Treasurer and so have a practical understanding of Board culture in a volunteer environment. 

Over and above the primary responsibility of the Treasurer to oversee the Association's financial management, if elected, I will pursue:

1. Promoting the Profession of Facilitation

I believe IAF should make a conscious choice to position the Association as 'the international standard' for the profession of facilitation.  With the CPF designation providing the base, currently IAF has no viable international competition in this regard.  This will require a systematic and integrated approach to promoting the profession of facilitation.  I believe the Association has a primary responsibility to actively promote, with the outside world, the value-added of what facilitators do in service to their clients. 

2. Adding value to the CPF designation

One of the challenges IAF has is the non-renewal of members holding the CPF designation.  I believe IAF should take concrete steps to retain our current CPFs and ultimately attract more members to the profession.  One of the characteristics of an organization of “professionals” is the ability to discipline practitioners who do not adhere to the code of ethics or values, or who use the professional designation inappropriately.  I believe IAF should introduce a protocol for monitoring and feedback.

3. Maintaining the CPF program as a revenue-neutral initiative

The CPF program was never meant to be a profit-centre.  Surpluses from assessment events should help support assessments in parts of the world where there are few assessors, fewer candidates, language challenges, etc.  Over the course of a year the aim should be to break-even or generate a small surplus.  In 2017 the cost to a candidate of undertaking a CPF assessment will be increased to better reflect the actual cost of running the program.