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Meet the Candidates


October 2016
| Board Elections

Regional Director for United States of America

The Regional Director provides facilitative leadership to the membership in the region, ensuring that IAF’s activity in the region is aligned with the strategy and policy of the global Association. The Regional Director leads a regional board or team in alignment with the strategy and policy of the global Association and serves as a formal link between the global Board and the regional board or team, chapters and groups, representing the regional members’ interests to the global Board and vice versa. A complete role description for Regional Director for The United States of America is available by clicking here.

There are two candidates for the position of Regional Director for United States of America.

Donald Kerper

Candidate Statement

I envision IAF as the premiere international organization to promote, develop, and be the world’s clearing house for all that is facilitation.  There are many opportunities to continue to elevate the profession of facilitation as well as to enlarge the facilitation footprint as it applies to group behavior in its various settings.  As a member of the IAF board, I believe that I can bring a pragmatic and “fresh” perspective to the mission, vision, and strategy that IAF will have in the future.  In addition, I believe that I can provide the time and energy needed to collaboratively manage the execution of the strategy that the IAF board believes it must move forward with.

My strengths are found in my experience.  I was a corporate manager for many years and currently am an independent consultant for 25 years.  I have used facilitation in both of these settings successfully.  I have written much about and teach facilitation.  I have married facilitation with business improvement activities found in such programs as sigma, lean manufacturing, and business process reengineering and received a Facilitation Impact Award as evidence of the effectiveness of this marriage.

Specific to the US Regional Director role, my strengths are found in my propensity to want to create clarity among the people I work with in regard to strategic intent, objectives, resource availability, opportunities for improvement / development, and in addressing organizational performance.  That personal self-awareness will be beneficial in ensuring that IAF’s US strategy is created in a collaborative fashion with representatives from across the country and results in a regional strategy that adds value to the membership and to the groups of people that collectively we are helping to be successful.

I have a vision, I have experience, I have self-awareness, and I have a desire to make a difference collaboratively with the IAF leadership group.  Given that, I can and will make a difference as IAF Board Member and US Regional Director.

Deidra Johnson

Candidate Statement

Facilitation is my passion and I would like to be the Regional Director for the United States to spread this passion, build new training and development opportunities and look for ways to engage facilitators across the United States in our work.

I am an innovative coalition builder with a positive track record of building and leading impressive, cross functional, matrix teams comprised of volunteers, community partners, universities and colleges, and governmental agencies from across the country. At AARP, I lead a team of facilitators; communicators; graphic and visual designers; and project, logistic, and event managers tasked with handling CSN's communications and special project needs.