Europe, Middle East & North Africa


The region of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMENA) is home to nearly 400 IAF members, many of who connect locally to plan and participate in the activities of their over 20 local chapters. 

EMENA Regional Team

A team works to coordinate activities in the EMENA region. Those who are chairing IAF’s facilitator communities (chapters), or someone they designate, are a full part of the regional team as they promote facilitation within their own city or country. 

Within the EMENA regional team, the following members have made the additional commitment to take on a particular region wide responsibility.

  • Gerardo de Luzenberger (Italy): Website, learning communities,  communications
  • Julia Goga-Cooke (United Kingdom): Global FlipChart Editor
  • Steve Lloyd (United Kingdom): EMENA Treasurer
  • Dirk Wouters (Belgium): Chapters development, IAF activities at this local level, chapter/branch funding
  • Giuseppe Totino (Turkey): Regional representative on nominations committee
  • Celeste Brito (Portugal): Communication
  • Nathaniel Cadwel (Belgium): Tools to support new chapters and tribes
  • Martin Farrel (UK): Special assignments
  • Sean Blair (UK): Partnerships
  • Jean-Philippe Poupard (PARIS): EMENA Conference 2017

If you want to join the regional team and offer your contribution to promote the power of facilitation in the region and beyond, please contact anyone who has taken on a region wide responsibility or Mirjami Sipponen Damonte, Regional Director for EMENA

News and events

The EMENA region organises and promotes a number of activities, events and conferences throughout the year.


See the CPF Assessments scheduled in our region in the next months.


For more information

You can find out more about the IAF's EMENA region and stay informed of its activities in the following ways:

EMENA on Social Media

IAF Europe and MENA strongly believes in the importance of peer to peer learning for the professional development of facilitators. To this end we have set up the IAF Europe MENA group on the LinkedIn network. You are invited to join it and share best practices, resources, hints, tips, do's, don'ts about facilitation in general, as well to ask other facilitators' support to meet the challlenges you are facing in your job.The EMENA region shares information also via Twitter and Facebook.

EMENA Newsletter

The EMENA region produces a monthly newsletter to share updates and showcase its members' activities.

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