International Facilitation Week 2017: Diversity of Facilitation – Evolve, Expand and Empower

01 Septiembre 2017

International Facilitation Week (IFW) happens during the 3rd week of October. This year, it will land on 16-22 October. The intent of IFW is to promote the power of facilitation worldwide, encourage networking and sharing the positive impacts of facilitation. Individual facilitators, IAF Chapters or Regions can celebrate IFW in any way, shape or form as they choose.

If you already have something planned for IFW in your area, please carry on with it. For those that need some inspiration, the IAF suggests the theme of “Diversity of Facilitation – Evolve, Expand and Empower”.  You may take the theme as literally or broadly as you wish.

Diversity could mean a range of disciplines or fields in which facilitation is being used, it could mean different types of facilitation work such as strategic planning or engaging multi-stakeholders, or it could mean different people that are seasoned facilitators or new to the profession. You can make it meaningful for yourselves in whatever way you choose.

Like any profession, ours also continues to evolve, change and adapt to new environments, needs and challenges. How has facilitation evolved for you? What do you do to expand your facilitation repertoire? How do you empower yourself and/or your clients or groups through facilitation? Whatever the answer, we invite you to participate in some IFW activities and share your experiences, insights and learning.

Please contact your local Chapters, Regional Director or other local facilitators to organize something during IFW. You are welcome to keep it local or open it up to all facilitators around the world to participate in. Post it, tweet it, embrace IFW. See you somewhere during IFW, and have fun!!

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