Updates in brief

01 Diciembre 2017

Updates in brief

IAF AGM 2018 | Our Annual General Meeting took place on 1 November. Couldn’t go? Check the governance page for a full recording and presentations of the meeting.

IAF Methods Library | As an IAF member, you are now able to log in to the Methods Library with your IAF membership credentials. Part of the Methods Library remains public, but the majority of the methods will be for members only. You can access the members-only methods by signing in with your IAF account at www.sessionlab.com (or connecting your already existing SessionLab account with your IAF account). Once logged in you can bookmark your favourite methods, comment and rate existing methods, and submit new methods into the library. We'd be happy to see the community getting active and further improving the quality of the IAF library.

Exclusive offers for members | Get 10% off your next Neuland order, or find discounts for upcoming events once logged in on the IAF website.

Method of the Month: I EXPECT

This is an opening exercise to get out expectations from the program or workshop, using a four-section flipchart grid. Read the method

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