IAF Paris is now IAF FRANCE.

IAF Paris was founded by a group of facilitators in 2013 to promote facilitation and the profession of the facilitator in cooperation of IAF World.  We hold meetings on the first Monday of each month, generally organized around one theme per quarter with contributions from members of IAF Paris, with an occasional IAF FRANCE LAB evening to address significant topics and practices relevant to facilitators in a more experimental and experiential vein.

2017 IAF-EMENA conference in Paris

The core team of IAF Paris organized the 2017 IAF-EMENA conference in Paris with the theme: “Boosting positive change: the power of facilitation”.

The 2017 IAF-EMENA conference was held in Paris between October 11-15 2017.  There were two days of pre-conference workshops (October 11-12), client experience sharing and Facilitation Impact Awards on October 13, and conference proper was held from October 14 to the 15 at midday. 


President: Jean-Philippe Poupard

Treasurer: Olivier Réaud

Secretary: Laurent Chiozzotto

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Invitation to the Reflection Lab, September 5, 2016

IAF Paris core team

Pont des Arts, July 2015, “Art and Heart” Learning Expedition



Learning Expedition

In 2015, we organized a Learning Expedition, “Art and Heart”, with workshops on the visual arts, dance, mime, and collaborative art practices that enriched our vision of facilitation.

 Reflection Lab

In September 2016, we organized a “Reflection Lab” that brought us together to think about why we are facilitators, what are the trends that will impact our job, and the future of facilitation over the coming years.

IAF PARIS Reflection Lab – The future of facilitation, September 5, 2016

IAF Paris lab on remote facilitation, with on-site and remote participation