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The IAF Oceania region includes Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and a number of other Pacific Island nations.

The region has over a hundred IAF members, who are currently represented by the Australia chapter.

Megan Ross is the current Regional Director for Oceania.


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The Australia chapter is excited about bringing you the IAF Oceania Conference 2023.

'Facilitation in Action' is being held in Canberra from May 15 - 17 and is your chance to:

It’s your opportunity to:

  • Consider your current and future approaches to the use of facilitation and how you think about, use and practice facilitation
  • Obtain insights and strategies from others who are using facilitation as a catalyst to support change in their workplace.

Early-bird registrations are due to open this week, along with EOIs to facilitate a session at the conference.

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Becoming a CPF


The IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator (CPF) is the professional designation for facilitators who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and experience in facilitation by being benchmarked against the IAF core competencies.

Since the first Oceania CPF assessment was held in Sydney in 2007, some 40 IAF members have successfully completed an assessment in the region.

To find out more about becoming a CPF, contact Megan Ross, Regional Director for Oceania.


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IAF Oceania 2023 Conference