Elections to the Board

About the Board

A Board of Directors governs the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). Directors are elected by IAF members and serve on the Board in a voluntary capacity.

Directors are elected for a two-year term. Around half the positions come to term each year. IAF allows members to serve on the Board for no longer than a total of 6 years.

Elections are held in the second semester of the calendar year. The elected directors start their term on January 1.

Election Process

As set out in the IAF Bylaws, each year an independent Nominating Committee of IAF members oversees the election process.

When the call for nominations opens each year, all IAF members eligible for the election can nominate themselves or another candidate for one of the positions open to election. The IAF Board of Directors role statements
offers a comprehensive presentation of each Board Positions, including essential criteria, for each of the positions up for election.

The Nominating Committee:

  • reviews each nomination received for a position against the essential criteria for that position,
  • confirms the slate of candidates for the election,
  • issues an invitation to all members in good standing to vote using a unique link to an online election platform,
  • manages the voting process,
  • contacts candidates to let them know the outcome of the election, and
  • announces the outcome of the election.

2023 Elections

The IAF Nomination Committee 2023 is pleased to announce the slate of candidates for the Board Elections 2023. Voting will be open from Sep 7th to Sep 18th .


Elections are one of the highest participating moments in the life of any Association. At this very important moment IAF, our Association, needs your attention, involvement and participation.

All the Members are involved in voting.

Here there are the positions and the candidates:

There are no nominations sent in for the role of Secretary

Here you can find the profile of the candidates