The Facilitation Summit 2021

Thank you to those who joined us for a trip around the world in 80 workshops to share, discuss and shape your facilitation practice. Over the course of 24 hours, our journey took us around the world, from Europe & Africa, to the Americas, Oceania and finally Asia for a curated series of high-level keynotes and workshops. #FacilitationSummit

Session summaries 

Some sessions were recorded by our talented visual practitioners. Note: press on the image to make the visual larger. 

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Summit sponsors

InSync Training is a global virtual consulting firm specializing in the design and delivery of engaging, innovative, and effective virtual learning. The company is a leader in the L&D industry in world-class virtual design, facilitation, and production. InSync delivers services using a proprietary virtual learning and engagement model called the InQuire Engagement Framework™, which uses brain science best practices to ignite and sustain learner engagement.

KOO Facilitation Group helps each person's difference be a reason for synergy, not a reason for conflict. Members in KOOFA work with 'We Realize the Hidden GREATNESS in groups' as a higher purpose. Core values in KOOFA are trust, neutrality, and authenticity: trust in the members, neutrality that respects the values of all opinions equally, and authenticity that can support the group to make the best results. Based on these values and the expertise of facilitation, we conduct consulting specializing in OD to improve organizational culture. In addition, we operate several certification training courses, including INITIATIVE, that is endorsed by IAF to promote proper facilitation and train facilitators.

C2C Organizational Development (C2C-OD), a global organizational development consulting firm headquartered in Bangalore, India. Combining a facilitative style of working with deep expertise and international thought leadership, C2C-OD brings people development and business strategy together, to deliver sustained, aligned business impact. Explore our range of OD and Learning Solutions and our coveted certification programs for L&D professionals

At The Facilitation Summit 2021, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our virtual IAF-Endorsed™ Comprehensive Programme on Group Facilitation Skills 'Facilitation: Making Group Wisdom Work' going live in November 2021, with our exclusive discounted fee for summit participants and IAF members. Details here

Butter, the all-in-one tool to run high-energy & collaborative workshops. Put your energy back into having delightful and collaborative sessions all from one place with Butter. It's your all-in-one tool for running the smoothest virtual workshops!

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Summit partners

John Butcher, CPF


The IAF would like to extend its deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the incredibly talented, committed and generous people who made The Facilitation Summit 2021 possible.

Workshop leads and co-leads

105 workshop leads and co-leads delivered high-quality sessions: Abirambika Ravivarman, Adam Kahane, Aitor Guisasola, Ajit Kamath, Alexandra Barker, Ana Rubio Azevedo, Andrei Kolesnikov, Ann Epps, Anthony Barrett, Archana Pingle, Arie van Bennekum, Autumn Norris, Aveleigh Gateman, Barbara MacKay, Beccy Torres Espinel, Bert Debusschere, Brad McComb, Carol Lin, Carolina Almeida, Catriona Duncan-Rees, Cheska Teresa, Cissy Rock, Claudia Oviedo, David Nevin, Dr Irina Fursman, Dr Rebecca Sutherns, Farah Shahed, Fernando Murray, Funda Oral, Gaëlle Labache, Gwen Stirling Wilkie, Gwyn Wansbrough, Hector Villareal Loyoza, Heejae Yoo, Hideyuki Yoshioka, Ingrid Bens, Izzy Gesell, Jacinta Cubis, James Bishop, Jawad Ahmed, Jay Reid, Jeffer London, Jessica Breitenfeld, Jimbo Clark, Jonas Roth Sjöblom, Josh Lenn, Kavi Arasu, Kazuaki Katori, Keith McCandless, Lan Levy, Laura Hsu, Lawrence Philbrook, Leo Chan, Marat Kozlov, Mark J. Pixley, Mark McKergow, Martin Gilbraith, Mary Alice Arthur, Masatsugu Kohakura, Meiliana Lany, Michael Ambjorn, Michael Stig Ørbech, Michael Wilkinson, Moe Poirier, Monica Kumalasari, Myriam Hadnes, Nanci Luna Jiménez, Naoko Chouteau, Natsu Iwaki, Nicolas Verdot, Noel E K Tan, Olivier Pesret, Padmakumar Ananthakrishnan, Paul Z Jackson, Pepe Nummi, Rachel Malek, Rangineh Azimzadeh Tosang, Roger Schwarz, Sandhiya Tillotson, Sandy Espinel, Sanjay Dugar, Sara Sjöblom, Sara-Louise Ackrill, Saya Sone, Sharon Li, Shawn Chung, Shawna Eberle, Shayne Smart, Sheri Hord, Siddhi  Japee, Srilekha Madhav, Stephen Berkeley, Tadashi Hirai, Tamara Eberle, Tatsuya Yamada, Teck Kwang Loh, Tim Basadur, Tim Hamons, Tim Karpoff, Tom Schwarz, Virginia Swain, Viviane Morelle, Ximena Combariza, Yateen Gharat and Yuko Gendo.

Keynote speakers, Bold Talk speakers, panel moderators and panellists

17 people offered their wisdom in keynote addresses, Bold Talk sessions, and the IAF panel Partnering with Clients: Hector Villareal Loyoza, Hedvig Mossvall, Joel Godi, Keith McCandless, Laura Hsu, Maame Ekua Gaisey, Mark McKergow, Mary Alice Arthur, Megan Ross, Narsi Vedanth, Nick Housego, Paul Dupuis, Shalini Nair Kumar, Shalu Bhuchar, Dr Vasanthi Srinivasan, Veda Srinivasan and Vinay Kumar.


8 hosts generously steered the summit over 24 hours: Christina Hogan & Jeffer London, Fernando Murray & Gillian Chambers, David Nevin & Sharon Honner, and Kavi Arasu & Stephen Berkeley.


9 producers ensured the Main Stage and some individual sessions ran smoothly: Anastasia Popova, Kavitha Talreja, Lyn Wong, Mårten Starck, Michelle Linmin Zhang, Rena Bilgin Koç, Susana Grau, Trevor Durnford and Yuko Gendo.

Visual practitioners

18 visual practitioners and a coordinator drew graphic recordings to help remember sessions: Agah Nugraha Muharam, Amy Nâu, Assma Basalamah, Chitra Chandrashekhar, Deepak Arora, Farah Ismail, Honny Dabin, Jihyun Lee, Kara Stonehouse, Karin Grönberg, Laura Hanek, Laura O’Grady, Nassareen Sunsern, Neha Govil, Nicki Craig, Patricio Hernández, Rosanna von Sacken, Tim Hamons and Tul Lekutai.


And finally, 33 volunteers and team members worked tirelessly behind the scenes since 2020:

Summit core team: Beatrice Briggs, Héctor Villareal Loyoza, Malin Morén, Marie Dubost, Narsi Vedanth, Vinay Kumar

Summit design and programming: Farah Ismail, Malin Morén, Megan Ross, Narsi Vedanth, Sanjay Dugar

Marketing and communication: Anastasia Popova, Jeffer London, Marie Dubost, Parineeta Mehra, Rena Bilgin Koç, Ryan Barretto, Shalaka Gundi, Shalu Bhuchar, Dr Shubha Rajan

Technology and participant experience: Anastasia Popova, Carolina Ribeiro de Almeida, Fernando Murray, Gillian Chambers, Héctor Villareal Loyoza, Marie Dubost, Ryan Barretto, Shalaka Gundi

Sponsorships: Vinay Kumar

Financial support for scholarships: John Butcher

Interpretation: Beatrice Briggs, Hector Villareal Loyoza

Evaluation: Dr Rebecca Sutherns, Shalaka Gundi

Project management: Bruno Selun (Kumquat)

Administrative support: Becky MacDonald and Keerthi Thankam (Managing Matters), Pieter van Kemenade (Kennis Werkt)

IAF global Board of Directors: Vinay Kumar, Chair; Julia Donohue, Vice Chair; Sharda Naidoo, Treasurer; Rachel Song-Yeon Kim, Secretary; Gary Austin, Director of Communications; Jeffer London, Director of Marketing; Gerardo de Luzenberger, Director of Professional Development; Director of Professional Development; Narsi Vedanth, Director of Conferences; Benjamin Manu, Regional Director for Africa; Farah Ismail, Regional Director for Asia; Rebecca Sutherns, Regional Director for Canada; Celeste Brito, Regional Director for Europe & the Middle East; Gillian Chambers, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean; Megan Ross, Regional Director for Oceania; Jonathan Bell, Regional Director for United States of America